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Resurrecting the Ender Dragon in Minecraft


Undoubtedly, Minecraft has all the ingredients to become the favorite of the masses. It does not have any predictable storyline, as a result, gamers can explore and build their world differently. Over the years, we have witnessed crafting excellence by various users, as they showcase mind-blowing castles, collecting items, defeating dangerous creatures, and much more. For the unversed, has an advancement system with the help of which you can get new missions. Let's buy KF2 dedicated servers for our game.


If you defeated the boss dragon ever, you have a lot of reasons to feel proud. How about recreating the battle once more? Yes, Minecraft offers you the opportunity, and thus, resurrecting the Ender Dragon with end crystals is one such popular example. Surely, as a Minecraft fanatic, you will love to acquire the aforesaid advancement. Read on, and you will understand the procedure for obtaining it.

Some of you might have undergone the fierce battle with the Ender Dragon. Quite naturally, after defeating it, you think it is gone for good. But, as you can understand, reading the above lines, you can resurrect the beast for another session of combat. Remember, the dragon will hardly show any respect, as you defeated it last time. It will be just as powerful and fearsome and ready to tear you into pieces. Therefore, as a part of the preparations for battling it out, you must craft four end crystals.

Now, the catch is, in this specific section of the game, you must destroy the end crystals above the obsidian pillars. These crystals have healing properties and can heal the dragon regardless of the wounds you inflicted on it. Yet, without crafting four new pieces of the said crystal, you cannot expect to resurrect the fight sequence. If you do not know this already, we will guide you on how to craft an end crystal.

For making an end crystal, you will need an eye of ender, a combination of seven pieces of glass, and a ghast tear. Now, put them all together in the crafting table. For the novices, you can procure glass without much fuss. For this, smelt sand along with any source of fuel in a furnace and you will get a glass. For crafting the eye of an ender, you will have to combine blaze powder with an ender pearl. Remember, the eye of an ender is the identical item you use for activating the End portal. Lastly, for obtaining ghast tears, you have to be watchful when the ghast drops them. As you can understand, it can take some time before you can get these three things together.


After you are ready with the four end crystals, it is the time to respawn the Ender Dragon. You have to place the four end crystals on either side of the exit portal. Within seconds, the winged beast will come alive. That’s it, now you have the opportunity to make the dragon bite the dust all over again, and you have the best reasons to brag about it when your friends are around.